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Can I install these pool lights myself?


  • Ensure that the lighting system is installed by a suitably qualified person only (eg. licensed pool builder,
    qualified pool technician or qualified electrician) in accordance with AS/NZS 3000:2007 Standards.

Can I test the lights before installing them?

  • The pool light MUST only be switched on under the water. Your Neptune Pool Light must be water cooled
    at all times. Do not switch the light on until installation is complete and the light is fully submerged in water.

How bright are the Neptune LED Pool Lights?

  • 1500 lumens.

How far do the pool lights shine?

  • The light angle is 120-150 degrees.

What light transformer power supply do I need for my setup?

  • For 1 Pool Light = 12VAC 30VA
    For 2 Pool Lights = 12VAC 60VA
    For 3 Pool Lights = 12VAC 90VA
    For 4
     Pool Lights = 12VAC 120VA

What are the colours and light sequences available on the RGB pool light?

  • Ocean Blue – One colour blue
    Neutral White – One colour white
    Ocean Green – One colour green
    Deep Blue Sea – Slow animation for blue
    Sky Blue – green and blue
    Glass Land – blue and green

    Sunset – red, green and blue
    Pink Lady – red and blue
    Orange Road – red and green
    Party – Fast animation for all colours
    Sun Set – Slow animation for red

How do I program the colour and light sequence on my RGB pool light?

  • Turn the light on and leave on for more than 10 seconds, the RGB default colour program
    will start.

  • To select a desired colour, turn the light off and on, every 1-2 seconds until you find your desired
    colour, leave light switched on. This will save your chosen colour.

  • To return back to number 1 of RGB Default Colour Program, turn light off for 3-6 seconds and turn
    back on. This will turn the light back to RGB Default Colour Program, Ocean Blue.

Some of my Neptune LED Pool Lights are not synchronised with the other lights.

  • To achieve the synchronisation when installing multiple lights, make sure each light is installed
    correctly and on the same circuit.


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