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How do I test my water at home and what does my Pool Pro Professional need to know about my pool?

Firstly you must purchase a Blue Devil Test Kit or Pool Check Test Strips.

Your Pool Pro Professional has a full range of test kits and testing strips which you can use to check your water at home and can advise you of the most effective kit for you. Your test kit will have full instructions on how to use it. Ask your Pool Pro Professional for a Pool Pro Water Test Bottle you can use to take your water samples to the store when required. Water testing at your Pool Pro Professional is FREE!

When you test your water at home, if the tests are within the normal range then all is okay. If the test results are outside the required range, take a water sample to your Pool Pro Professional.

Your Pool Pro Professional will need to know some things about your pool, so print this page and complete the table so you have all the information your Pool Pro Professional needs in order to ensure that your water is properly sanitised and balanced.

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