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Why is my pool cloudy?

There can be many causes of cloudiness.

The filter may not be running properly or may need cleaning. Make sure you check and clean the filter.

If you have a sand filter you will need to backwash it.If you have a Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filter you will need to remove the candles, clean and re-coat with Diatomaceous Earth.If you have a cartridge filter you will need to clean it using Pool Pro Filter Cleaner and Degreaser.

If the water is mildly cloudy add Pool Pro Clarifier or Pool Pro Smart Cubesor if it is a heavier cloud use Pool Pro Supershine. Then run the filter for 24 hours or for as long as it needs to clear up the water.

If the pool has had heavy use, it could be due to unfilterable swimmer wastes. Superchlorinate or use Pool Pro Impact.

Total Alkalinity could be too high. If so, reduce with Pool Pro Hydrochloric Acid or Pool Pro Dry Acid.

Total dissolved solids, calcium or stabiliser could be too high. Take a pool water sample to your Pool Pro Professional who will test for these things. The solution may be to partly drain the pool and add fresh water.

Algae could be clouding the pool water. If so, treat for algae by using Pool Pro Algae Control.

Additionally, increased or high Phosphate levels in water assists the growth of stubborn algae and increases chlorine consumption. If Phosphate levels are high the use of Pool Pro Phospate Remover should be seriously considered. Your Pool Pro Professional can test for Phosphate levels in your pool water

If you are using granular chlorine check that you are not adding it directly to the pool without dissolving it. (This practice can cause water to go cloudy). If so, stop this practice.

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